Caravan Heaters

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Warmda W2500 2.5Kw Heater - Full Install Kit

We are always asked

"what size diesel heater do i need ?"



Firstly to minimize maintenance requirements it is best for diesel caravan heaters to run harder, rather than on lower fan and heat settings. With the Warmda heater in the auto mode the heater will always run the fan/heat to its maximum setting, when the set temperature is reached the heater will slow down to the lower fan speeds (5 different fan settings to maintain optimum room temperature).  Running the heater on the highest settings cleans the burner chamber and fuel screen of carbon deposits.

So only buy a heater big enough to achieve the job. Almost no one should be purchasing a 4 or 5 kw heater. We do make this size heater but most people will actually be disappointed utilizing such a large heater in a Caravan (available by special order only).

The simplest way to test and show how a diesel air heater will work in your caravan, is to place a cheap 240volt fan heater in your caravan (most are 2400-2500watts, very similar in size the the Warmda W2500). You will find your van will heat up nicely in 15-20 minutes.

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