Motorhome and RV Heaters

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Diesel heating in motor homes is easy, effective and safe.

Fuel is readily available, safe and readily stored.
Diesel air heating in Europe has been around since the 1930's. They where originally designed as a means to preheat air-cooled engines in sub-zero temperatures, very common in European winters. 

Warmda has been making heaters for over 20 years and built with the latest available technology.

An ideal solution for your motorhome.

One big advantage diesel has over LP Gas products is the kits can be fitted DIY, which can save you money.

Once installed, the diesel heating system is a complete standalone unit and only requires connection to your 12 volt house batteries. Your Warmda Air Heater can also be run whilst you are driving, keeping the whole motorhome warm.  Ideal for a Bus conversion if you have had to remove the inbuilt engine powered heating system.

Digitally controlled with 5 heat settings, you will be warm, dry and comfortable. Say goodbye to condensation build up in you motor-home.

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