Warmda Burner Fuel Screen AT 2000 (non ST) 33mm

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Warmda – your RV heater

Warmda – warm, dry, comfortable

Warmda – reliable, warm and economical


Warmda Burner Screen  33 x 2.8mm


  • Webasto AT 2000

Fits some of the following brands (copies of the Webasto AT2000):

  • Planer
  • Tuit
  • Belief
  • Snugger

If you heater is blowing smoke, then the most common issue is a clogged burner screen.  Clogging of  the burner screen can be caused by insufficient current being supplied to the diesel air heater at startup (poor wiring, low battery, voltage drop), this causes a dirty startup to the heater and incomplete combustion. Sometimes the Glow pin itself is the cause of the poor initial burn – but less likely then poor power supply to the heater.

It is always a good idea to regularly run the heater hard on a high setting regularly to burn out carbon deposits (especially important on Webasto Air Heater copies).

We have in-stock most items to repair Diesel Parking Heaters and Diesel Air Heaters.

If not in stock we have access to almost all parts both genuine and aftermarket for Caravan and Motorhome heaters.






Additional information

Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 mm



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